LEX TALIONIS Is Now on Amazon!

*Runs around in circles squeeing*

Peeps! My novel, LEX TALIONIS, is now up on Amazon.com! I even have a review already!

It’s just the paperback for now. The Kindle edition will be out on May 30th, and until then, you can get all the formats from Dragonwell Publishing’s website.

I cannot believe I have a novel on Amazon! It’s surreal! And my use of exclamation points just went through the roof!

So between you and me, if you have any friends who like science fiction or mysteries or both smashed together in one gritty whole, please whisper in their ear about my book. I’d appreciate it. And my stomach–which has no interest in being a starving artist–will appreciate it too!

Have a good one, and stay thirsty, my friends!

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