Artificial DNA Coming Soon To Bacteria Near You!

Scientists have created the first living organism containing artificial DNA. 

If that doesn’t both excite and terrify you, you need to put those brains down and focus, zombie man.

I mean, aside from the fact that we seriously weren’t sure this was even possible, the mind-blowing possibilities for biology and humanity’s ability to adapt and create life…well, let’s just say the sequels for Lex Talionis will have some more research coming! This is totally in my wheelhouse of genetic manipulation and it’s intended and unintended consequences. Not to mention what happens when you start messing with creation itself.

Speaking of Lex, I have two reviews up on Amazon now. Keep them coming, guys. The more the merrier! And thanks for the likes on the previous post too.

Have a great night, and stay thirsty my friends!

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