Final Chance to Vote!

Hope you had a wonderful Easter! I actually did the traditional Easter weekend kite flying trip with the family on Glorious Saturday, and it was nice to see all the other families at the Queen’s Park Savannah having fun with homemade and store-bought kites. We drove around, bought great Korean food, and just enjoyed being able to be out and about together.

We’re approaching the middle of April and so far the month has been busy. I got inspired a few days ago and ended up writing an entire 6800+ word story in about 8 hours, and the best part is, I really like it. I’m hoping it gets published so you will get a chance to like it too. For now, I’m keeping mum, except to say it’s lightly humourous, which I haven’t done in a very long time, so that was nice.

April 15th is the deadline this year for voting in both the Locus Awards and the Nebulas. I’m nominated for my first Nebula this year, and long-listed for yet another year in the Locus. If you’re a member of the SFWA, I would greatly appreciate if you considered voting for my novella, ‘Bishop’s Opening’, which is free to read on Clarkesworld. It’s only the second time Clarkesworld has had a novella nominated for a Nebula and I’d love to give Neil the win. He puts out excellent novellas every year, and selfishly, I think it would be nice if someone from a magazine managed to win for once lol.

The Locus Awards are open to the public, so if you’d like your favourite works to make the final ballot, you can head here to vote. Feel free to write in anything that’s not long-listed. This year, I’m in several categories, so you can consider voting for me for Best Novella, for ‘Bishop’s Opening’; Best Short Story, for ’12 Things a Trini Should Know Before Travelling to a Back In Times Fete(TM)’ in Strange Horizons; or Best Anthology, for ‘Death in the Mouth’, which contains my short story, ‘A Bonfire in the Night’.

Enjoy the rest of the month! I certainly plan to, as my birthday is in a couple of weeks. I’ll be spending it with best sister in the world while we both get pampered.

See you again soon and until then, stay thirsty, my friends!!


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