Fighting Through That Feeling

You know. The one that pretty much crushes the instinct to keep going on that book you thought you were dying to get out of your head and onto the page. The feeling that you can't do it tonight. Not the whole staring at the screen and trying to come up with words that don't … Continue reading Fighting Through That Feeling

Defeating the Guilt Cycle

You know you’ve done it. You’ve arrived at home after a hard day’s work, sometimes to screaming kids, or a tired husband, or just a quiet room with a waiting dog or cat, or a mess that needs cleaning up, and a dinner that needs making and laundry that needs doing and you’ve said to … Continue reading Defeating the Guilt Cycle


I have recently come to realise something. If you decide you will write every day, no matter what, and you give yourself no excuses and no quarter, even a champion procrastinator like me can get at least three lines out per day. Now, you might say three lines are nothing. But you'd be wrong. At … Continue reading Unblocking