The Unexpecteds

I was thinking over the past year or so and realising that I've seen some TV that I really didn't expect. Stuff that came out of left field and ended up capturing my imagination. Stuff that was so good, I was left binge watching, or longing to see it again for the first time. I … Continue reading The Unexpecteds

Light At The End of the Tunnel

I'm almost done with my first editing pass! Should put the finishing touches on the manuscript between today and tomorrow. All nervy about it, but I guess that's normal. Just hope the editor likes what I've done and that I've addressed all the problems that are in there. Though it would be insanely awesome if … Continue reading Light At The End of the Tunnel

Too Much of a Good Thing

My grams used to tell me my eyes would bug out of my head if I kept watching TV and reading constantly, and that she wouldn't be responsible for taking me to the hospital when I went blind. Well, many years of eyeglasses later, I haven't had any bugging out episodes yet, but given the … Continue reading Too Much of a Good Thing

TV Notes

To my everlasting shame (NOT!), along with reading copious amounts of books, I watch far too much television. So without further ado.... 1.  Can I just say that my heart is absolutely rent by the series finale of 'Spartacus'? Few shows get to go out how they want to, and the parallels with the come-hell-or-high-water … Continue reading TV Notes