Is There Anybody Out There…?

So scientists may have found a giant object in space, which could only have been built by another civilization. I mean, can you believe it? In this lifetime? That we may have finally found something--someone--completely alien to us? Sure, it could also be a spectacular cloud of dust, but who the hell really wants THAT to be … Continue reading Is There Anybody Out There…?

Amazon In Space

So apparently Jeff Bezos is not content with taking over the entire retail world on Earth. He's expanding his reach to the stars. I'm not sure I really want the same guy who sells me my discount historical novels to be dallying with everything from on demand TV to space flight. I fear it distracts him … Continue reading Amazon In Space

Here There Be Life

Just read this article on New Horizons' fly by of Pluto and the problems that were solved while the probe was millions of miles away. Amazing to think we can do that now. Solve problems without even being there. Send out probes that will never return, for the sole purpose of flying through the universe that, almost … Continue reading Here There Be Life

I’m Headed to Mars! See? Got my boarding pass and everything! For fun, NASA is letting anyone who wants to put their name on the Orion Test Flight to Mars. So you get your name in space, and a little boarding pass memento to prove it. I think it's so cool. Want to join me? Go here. Have fun!

What’s Your Favourite Scifi Book or Movie?

Here's an awesome article about 15 real scientists and their favourite scifi books and movies. An great reminder that if we want to nurture tomorrow, we have to inspire today. I have a million scifi books and movies I loved. I can't name just one. I mean, there was Contact (book and movie, though they're … Continue reading What’s Your Favourite Scifi Book or Movie?

Earth to Comet!! Hello, Comet!!

Today the European Space Agency probe, Rosetta, finally caught up with the comet it had been chasing for years. This is big. Really big. After ten years and billions of miles and tons of complex code and navigational feats I can't wrap my mind around, we have actual pictures of an actual comet in space. Soon, if … Continue reading Earth to Comet!! Hello, Comet!!


Okay, you know a fire is no joke when you can freaking see it from space. That shit is INSANE!!! I hope they can get it under control soon, and that the loss of lives and damage to property and the environment can be kept to a minimum. But that Rim Fire...she's trouble alright. In … Continue reading Fire!!!