Carnival Time Again

It's Carnival time here again in Trinidad and Tobago and if you know me, you know I love to talk about my country's biggest festival. It literally sweeps everything from our mind and gets the body moving to the music. It's just one week away, with this Friday being Fantastic Friday and I'm looking forward … Continue reading Carnival Time Again

Soca Music on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’!

Yep. One of the routines on Fox's dance competition, So You Think You Can Dance--which I am a huge, HUGE fan of as a former dancer myself--actually featured a very popular soca tune that played a lot during Trinidad's Carnival season. Although it's not sung by Trinidadians--who actually invented soca--it's definitely very familiar to all of … Continue reading Soca Music on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’!

Carnival Vibes

Feeling some Bunji again today so I'm linking to another of his new songs for Carnival 2014. Some people think this will be the Road March this year. For those of you not familiar with the concept, the Road March is the song that plays the most during the parade of the bands on Carnival … Continue reading Carnival Vibes

Earworm: These Songs Keep Playing In My Head I've decided to make them play in your head. Carnival approaches in my country. It is a magical time of freedom and joy. Every year, our soca artistes create new music and compete to be the 'Road March' or the song chosen by the people as their most popular song to parade to. Bunji … Continue reading Earworm: These Songs Keep Playing In My Head