Taylor Swift Is Alright With Me

I like Taylor Swift and I'm not ashamed to say it. I don't, in fact, think she writes bad music. I like her tunes, I rock out to them all the time, and her Bad Blood video was everything, dahling, just everything. Does she sometimes come across as the branded version of every good American … Continue reading Taylor Swift Is Alright With Me

Kameron Hurley Gets Real With Writers

I read this piece today at Chuck Wendig's blog. It said what I believe about the writing business, but in a much more elegant way. There is, for example, a reason I called it a business. But when award-winning writer Kameron Hurley says it, it sounds so much better. Must be that whole 'award-winning writer' … Continue reading Kameron Hurley Gets Real With Writers

In Her Own Words – Meet Lex From My Novel LEX TALIONIS

I posted this a while back on Angela Highland's website, but I've had a few more followers drop by since then, so I thought it might be a good time to repost it.  Without further ado, here's Lex. And no, she's not your average girl... I would introduce myself, but I don't know my name. … Continue reading In Her Own Words – Meet Lex From My Novel LEX TALIONIS

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, Amazon

Really, Amazon, really? This is what we've come to? I won't even bother to talk about the absurdity of trying to rope indie and self-publishers into your argument with a publisher they have NOTHING TO DO WITH. Smarter people than I have already done that. And this is a reader's perspective on this. If you … Continue reading Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, Amazon

Opening Lines

Chuck Wendig frequently posts some of the funniest, most helpful writing blogs on the internet, and he has no problem encouraging writers to come together on his site to trash out common issues either. Recently, he had a fun challenge about loglines and I posted my own and had loads of fun reading others. After that, … Continue reading Opening Lines

To Read a Lot…Or Not

My sister and I were talking about series today because our beloved cousin who happens to be a librarian called for advice about what to buy at the bookstore. Her only caveat? No series. She had been devouring a lot of YA for some time, and was all tapped out on multiple book stories. This … Continue reading To Read a Lot…Or Not

The A word – Amazon and Publishing

So I just read this amazing, thorough report in the New Yorker about Amazon, it's history, and the issues surrounding its ascent in the publishing world. I followed that up with this insightful addendum by the author, George Packer, a short companion piece that is refreshing in its thoughtfulness.  I think these articles are really … Continue reading The A word – Amazon and Publishing