Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, Amazon

Really, Amazon, really? This is what we've come to? I won't even bother to talk about the absurdity of trying to rope indie and self-publishers into your argument with a publisher they have NOTHING TO DO WITH. Smarter people than I have already done that. And this is a reader's perspective on this. If you … Continue reading Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, Amazon

It’s Just Business – Hachette and Amazon

This is a pretty balanced take on all sides of the dispute. Particularly liked hearing from an Amazon writer who is happy with his publisher. For me, this is very simple. Both sides in this are capable of carrying out some pretty crappy moves. Both sides, on occasion, have done just that. That's how businesses … Continue reading It’s Just Business – Hachette and Amazon

Amazon and Publishing – A Postscript

I thought this was another valid and interesting follow up to George Packer's piece in the New Yorker. It doesn't bode well that open discourse about the publishing industry and Amazon's place in it is practically impossible. I think it leads to a lot of guesswork and assumptions on both sides. It also makes it … Continue reading Amazon and Publishing – A Postscript

Eureka Moment

So I've been editing my novel, 'Lex Talionis', and I've become aware of one of my little tics. You know, that thing you do that you don't notice and your beta readers probably didn't notice, but your editor pointed out 0.5 seconds into reading your manuscript. It appears I like to infer too much. Or … Continue reading Eureka Moment