Nebula Awards Close Today!

Today is the deadline for Nebula nominations. Please remember to vote for your faves! And yes, my novelette 'The Sun From Both Sides' in May's Clarkesworld is eligible and I'd be deeply grateful if you considered it. See you on the other side!

The Contents of My Head

The Contents of My Head Because he's a 'Big Name Author' and he says it WAY better than I can! And yes, this is what I've been going through for at least three weeks now. Ask my sister. She can totally back this up, seeing as how she's the one who's been dealing with the … Continue reading The Contents of My Head

Simpler = Best Seller?

So my sister and I ended up discussing all sorts of things a few days ago, not the least of which was the eureka moment I blogged about yesterday, and she suggested something which really made me think. Perhaps one of the things that make certain books so appealing these days is the fact that … Continue reading Simpler = Best Seller?