The Sunspot Jungle Anthology Cometh!

My Nebula recommended short, ‘The Bois’, is going to be in Rosarium Publishing’s new Sunspot Jungle two-volume anthology!

You can read the announcement here.

I mean, did you see the names I’m going to be appearing alongside?



Rosarium to release “Sunspot Jungle” 2 volume anthology!2018 will mark Rosarium Publishing’s fifth anniversary. To celebrate, they will be releasing a two-volume SFF anthology, entitled
Sunspot Jungle: The Ever-Expanding Universe of Science Fiction...

I’m beyond flattered and excited to be included, and I’ll let you guys know as soon as it’s on sale.

Not a bad start to 2018, huh?

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Is There Anybody Out There…?

So scientists may have found a giant object in space, which could only have been built by another civilization.

I mean, can you believe it? In this lifetime? That we may have finally found something–someone–completely alien to us?

Sure, it could also be a spectacular cloud of dust, but who the hell really wants THAT to be true?

A Dyson sphere…a real Dyson sphere…

It’s news that ran up my spine and around my brain. Sure, if it is the ultimate–another species and an advanced one at that–it could good news or bad news for us. But frankly I’ll take it just to see humanity discover that it’s not alone before I close my eyes and leave this rock for good.

I mean…can you IMAGINE?!

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Skeleton Trees & Bad TV

So in really odd news…

A skeleton came rising up out of the ground thanks to a really old tree tipping over.

Now, if that isn’t a story just waiting to be told, I don’t know what is.

Violently killed young man given a proper Christian burial ends up nourishing a tree for over 200 years.

I sense an urban fantasy coming on… Possibly Arthurian, but hopefully not as pointless as five seasons of Merlin was.

I do still love Morgana, however…

Celebrities Merlin animated GIF

Katie McGrath deserved better than to die badly in Jurassic Park, especially after spending so much time as a criminally underused and excellent Morgana. But the world isn’t fair sometimes.

As the guy who used to be that skeleton no doubt knows.

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We’re In The Army Now…

So last week, two women made history.

They graduated from the US Army’s Ranger School. Something that few men have ever accomplished.

These women did it. On their first try.

I’m excited about this mostly because of how they did it. They graduated with the top of their class, having endured every single thing the men around them did, and with glowing tributes from those who trained with them.

My favourite part of the article is when one of their fellow Rangers said ‘no more skepticism’. Sure, the men went in wondering how a woman would stand up to such brutal demands. But those ladies showed their true colours and all the heart in the world, and now they’re a proud part of a very big team. I mean, just look at this badassness:

<span class='image-component__caption' itemprop="caption"><span style="color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.870588); font-family: Georgia, Century, 'Times New Roman', serif; line-height: 27.6900005340576px; background-color: #ebeff2;">Capt. Kristen Griest (center) carrying a classmate during ranger school. </span></span>

And she’s not even sweating!

The world needs more of this. Men and women standing together, trusting in each other, respecting each other, without an unspoken ‘but’. We are the only species we know that we can relate to fully. Isn’t it time we came together and just let each other do what we want to do, without those boxes we came up with so long ago? Because it’s 2015, you know, and it’s about time the human race lived up to its full potential–for everyone.

Still, there’s a small part of me that selfishly enjoys this win as a woman who’s been told ‘you can’t’ an awful lot of times. So to 1st Lt. Haver and Capt. Griest (the badass in the photo), I just want to give you a high five and sing along…

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Now, let’s hope the army catches up to their astounding men and women and open up jobs and opportunities to women like these.

Up next…Navy Seals!

Go ahead. Doubt me. We love it when you say ‘can’t’.

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Stay thirsty, my friends!

Woman Assaults Police Officer With Her Breast…

…and gets jail time for it.

No, I only wish I were kidding.

Hong Kong has a lot of issues right now. Most of them having to do with China. But this is so ridiculous it doesn’t even make sense it went to court.

Disgust reaction gifs

Frankly, I want to know if her breast can serve the sentence while she remains free. And while we’re at it, someone ought to show me the injuries this police officer suffered, because while we have no pics of that, we do know she got a busted nose somehow.

Sometimes, the world just makes you want to…

Fuck you u mad reaction gifs

I may not be thirsty, but I certainly need a drink, my friends.

Your Office is Freezing. Here’s Why.

So now I know why all my coworkers, girlfriends and my sister keep complaining to me about how cold the office is. I’m assuming this shit is international, because it certainly seems to be.

Apparently, the formula used to program thermostats is based on a 40 year old male of a certain size. Because back then, that was the typical office employee.

audrey hepburn animated GIF

Anyway, methinks it might be time for a change.

And as it happens, it’s better for the environment to keep it a bit warmer.

As for me, I don’t have this problem for two reasons. One is, despite being born and bred in the Caribbean, I like to be chilly. I’m much more comfortable feeling slightly cold than feeling even the slightest bit warm. I love rainy days. Sunny days, to me, are good only for the beach and cricket. I even had a taste of winter and fall in Canada. Loved it.*

The other is, I control my own thermostat.

‘Cause that’s the way I roll…

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Stay thirsty, my friends.

*Let it be known that the coldest fall day I endured was around -4 and the coldest winter night was -10 with a -30 windchill factor. That was–eye-opening. However, I was kinda sorry I missed the -50+ weather that descended days after I left Canada last year. My Canadian friends say, no I would NOT have been sorry, but I still sorta of want to know what it’s like to feel your nostrils crack on contact with air. Otherwise, how can I say I’ve lived the good life?

RIP #hitchBOT

A social experiment that would probably make Skynet nod sagely has just come to an abrupt end.

Researchers had created a friendly, helpless robot that managed to hitchhike its way safely across parts of Europe and Canada. Unfortunately, it was destroyed by unknown assailants once it tried to continue the experiment in the US. 

Omg reaction gifs

The creators said they felt society had lots of warnings about why we should fear robots, so they wanted to do an experiment to see if robots had any reason to fear humans.

Omg reaction gifs

Well, we all know the answer now.

Somewhere in the Matrix, Mr. Smith is saying, ‘I told you so.’

deal with it animated GIF

Poor little guy. I guess the moral of the story is, you can go thousands of miles without meeting an asshole, but it only takes one to fuck up your whole trip.

Stay thirsty, my friends.

How Is Freaking Out Over Every Little Thing Supposed To Help Us? Answer: It Won’t.

I’m no shrinking violet. And I’m certainly not someone afraid to call anyone out on truly unacceptable behaviour, no matter what it is.

But I am starting to think that society is spending a lot of time freaking out, admonishing individuals and being voyeurs, while missing the big picture.

If I’m offended by something someone did, or said, I’ll talk to them. To their face and in private, if possible. We can go from there depending on what the problem was and how we get along while resolving it. But I find my stomach turning a bit these days at how easy it is to get people to Rage Against the Machine. Readers attack authors, movie fans bash directors, celebrity watchers search for the most unflattering news and pics of entertainers, just to make fun of people who already spend most of their day trying to look and act perfect in the hope that they’ll be allowed to work and pay their bills.

And it’s not just the internet. If all this stuff was just on the internet, I’d be okay with it, but the media seems bent on promoting this nonsense as well. Growing up, the news was about local, foreign and sports. You found out about the important stuff that had happened that day to change the world, for better or worse. Now, the news is sports and a bunch of celebrity and human interest stories squashed in between local crime reports and 5 mins of foreign headlines.

That’s ridiculous. The world is changing before our very eyes, morphing into something brand new that we don’t understand yet. There are wars on almost every continent and governments making huge decisions every day that will change the very nature of our society. We have economic inequality and poverty even though we have more than enough money and food to feed everyone. It’s 2015 and most people don’t trust their police or their politicians. And we still live in a world where despite being in the majority in terms of global populatio, people of colour are referred to as ‘minorities’. In short, it’s chaos and confusion and a struggle for growth and order every day.

Can we really afford to take our focus and our anger and our frustration and need for solutions and waste them fretting over whether a TV show reflects a book enough or not? Or whether our favourite author shares our political views? Or whether someone who made a sexist comment is really sexist or just considered their words badly? Is that really where our rage and desire for change should be directed?

Because I believe we’re allowing our petty minds and our profit-driven media to distract us from what really matters while the world around us is shaped by those who may or may not have our best interests in mind.

Maybe I’m being naive here, but I can’t help thinking about how much real, positive change we could effect if we decided to freak out over the big things the way we do over the little things.

My two cents and worth what you paid for it.

Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About

Is it just me, or has the media imploded?

I mean, I see snippets here and there of actual reporting on actual important events–the mall attack in Kenya, Syria, earthquakes, that sort of thing. Frankly, if it bleeds, it still leads. But inevitably, these stories are followed by some nonsense about a Khardashian or Miley Cyrus.

When did twerking discussions and stories about cute cat videos become worthy of the 6pm news? When did the latest internet dust-up become front page news on Huffington Post?

In this age of social media, I think we’ve forgotten how to focus on the big picture because we’re so distracted by the minutiae. I mean, I really don’t need to know what P Diddy said on Twitter that was so offensive today. And I certainly don’t need to know when Britney Spears is in Las Vegas because it’s her birthday.

What I’d love to hear discussed–among other things–is how we’re going to deal with that bee problem. You know, the one that threatens the food supply of the entire world. Or how we’re going to fix the crippled nuclear reactor in Japan that’s dumping radioactive water into our ocean at a rate of tons every day. Or how we plan to get countries to stop pretending that the Middle East will either go away or kill themselves quickly so we won’t have to deal.

You know. Stuff that matters. Can we talk about that please?

I’m pretty sure the list of fall’s newest TV shows can wait until we get the more important stories out of the way.

Seriously. Walter Cronkite is spinning in his grave.