The American Book Center Has LEX TALIONIS!

My book is now available at the amazing American Book Center in Amsterdam, Holland! Here's the announcement!

Radio Interview with Ujima Radio about LEX TALIONIS

So here's the link I promised of my first radio interview with Cheryl Morgan of Ujima Radio, Bristol, UK.There was a technical hitch at the beginning, so the recording starts again after only a few minutes, but it's smooth sailing after that. There are a few ads to wade through though.I was the first part … Continue reading Radio Interview with Ujima Radio about LEX TALIONIS

Red Letter Day!

This morning I had a first. My first ever radio interview! Cheryl Morgan of Ujima Radio in the UK took the time to chat with me about 'Lex Talionis', my life as a West Indian and my science fiction influences, among other things. I was so nervous! Hope no one hears it in my voice. In any … Continue reading Red Letter Day!

LEX TALIONIS Is Now On Kindle!!

Get your Amazon on, people! My debut space opera mystery, LEX TALIONIS, is now available on Kindle! And for those of you who purchased the paperback, we have a special offer. You can get the Kindle edition for just $3.00! That's $4.00 less than the retail price. A little thank you to those who were … Continue reading LEX TALIONIS Is Now On Kindle!!

LEX TALIONIS News – I Have a New Interview Up!

Tara Maya interviewed me for her blog over at! If you want to know more about wild and crazy me, you can head on over there. I also had a new review go up on another blog. This one was a surprise, as the reviewer received the book as part of our early reviewer push … Continue reading LEX TALIONIS News – I Have a New Interview Up!

The Best Tip I Ever Got

Someone out on the internet recently asked what was the best tip their blog readers ever got on writing. My first thought was, well that's easy. Sit down and write. None of the other stuff matters if you don't listen to Nike and just do it. But then I realised there's something even more basic … Continue reading The Best Tip I Ever Got

What It’s All About…

I have mentioned before that I have a book coming out. I've even mentioned the name, 'Lex Talionis', but I realise I haven't said much more than that. Mostly because I don't want to come across as being pushy or spamming anyone with my desperate authorial desire for you to read my stuff. Which you … Continue reading What It’s All About…