Opening Lines

Chuck Wendig frequently posts some of the funniest, most helpful writing blogs on the internet, and he has no problem encouraging writers to come together on his site to trash out common issues either. Recently, he had a fun challenge about loglines and I posted my own and had loads of fun reading others. After that, … Continue reading Opening Lines

‘Lex Talionis’ Is Now On Goodreads

Feeling very proud of myself as I took the first step yesterday toward posting my novel Lex Talionis on Goodreads! I totally figured out how to do this on my own. What? It's hard! You try it! In any case, I'm waiting for them to let me join the author programme now, so I can … Continue reading ‘Lex Talionis’ Is Now On Goodreads

Amazon and Publishing – A Postscript

I thought this was another valid and interesting follow up to George Packer's piece in the New Yorker. It doesn't bode well that open discourse about the publishing industry and Amazon's place in it is practically impossible. I think it leads to a lot of guesswork and assumptions on both sides. It also makes it … Continue reading Amazon and Publishing – A Postscript