Amazon In Space

So apparently Jeff Bezos is not content with taking over the entire retail world on Earth. He's expanding his reach to the stars. I'm not sure I really want the same guy who sells me my discount historical novels to be dallying with everything from on demand TV to space flight. I fear it distracts him … Continue reading Amazon In Space

Skeleton Trees & Bad TV

So in really odd news... A skeleton came rising up out of the ground thanks to a really old tree tipping over. Now, if that isn't a story just waiting to be told, I don't know what is. Violently killed young man given a proper Christian burial ends up nourishing a tree for over 200 … Continue reading Skeleton Trees & Bad TV

Reunion Island Must Be Wondering What Gives

Poor little Reunion Island. Before last week, it was a place known mostly to surfers and scientists. Now it's got an international spotlight on it since pieces of a plane that might be MH370 washed up on its beaches. Oh, and its volcano decided to erupt again. That's after sharks made it a new playground … Continue reading Reunion Island Must Be Wondering What Gives