WTF Game of Thrones?

So I am now officially traumatized. I just watched the second to last episode of the season. And I am officially ready for it to end. Way to take the wind out of Dany's sails, GOT. We spend weeks and weeks waiting for movement on the Dragon front and now...this? Oh, and if you think … Continue reading WTF Game of Thrones?

Odds and Ends

So I went by my LiveJournal today for the first time in more than a year. They actually sent me a solicitous little email wondering if it was me that signed in. That's what happens when you get a new computer and internet provider and never sign in lol. Boy, I missed my friends from … Continue reading Odds and Ends

TV Notes

To my everlasting shame (NOT!), along with reading copious amounts of books, I watch far too much television. So without further ado.... 1.  Can I just say that my heart is absolutely rent by the series finale of 'Spartacus'? Few shows get to go out how they want to, and the parallels with the come-hell-or-high-water … Continue reading TV Notes