The New York Times Is Loving Our Food!

Here we go in the New York Times again! This lovely little article about a Trinbagonian family cooking and living in New York has definitely captured the essence of us. We are no faded copy of any 'mother' country. Trinidad and Tobago is a blend of races and foods uniquely its own, and like all other … Continue reading The New York Times Is Loving Our Food!

The Tree Of 40 Fruits

This is amazing. An artist developed a tree that grows 40 different fruits. The article talks about how he manages to do all this with a technique called chip grafting. And that's not all. He plans to do it to many trees. He's using resources that farmers think people don't want to build something beautiful … Continue reading The Tree Of 40 Fruits

Science News: Odds And Ends

This is a fantastic article that interviews a teen inventor about her ideas and why she thinks it's important to start teaching kids 'Inventing 101' classes. My favourite quote comes at the end. "Inventors are basically anybody and everybody who’s ever tried to solve a problem." So true! And we could use a lot more … Continue reading Science News: Odds And Ends

Sushi-Burritos Taste Amazing!

You've never heard of them? Well allow me to introduce you to them. I just had one of these last month, while I was out with my sister at one of our new favourite restaurants, Samurai. So I can tell you it's definitely available outside of California and New York. Also, they're right. It's helladelicious. … Continue reading Sushi-Burritos Taste Amazing!

The Best Thing I Ever Ate

Lawrence M. Schoen--who needs to teach me the Klingon language some day--graciously invited me to partake of his unusual feature, 'Eating Authors', in which various authors recall their most memorable meal. Find out what was my favourite meal ever and why. Just click here. And if you came here because you found me through Dr. … Continue reading The Best Thing I Ever Ate

Top 5 Street Foods of Trinidad and Tobago

Today I'm going to start a regular Friday feature that tells you a little about fun things from my daily life. And since food is probably the number one thing West Indians love--especially in Trinidad and Tobago--it's only fitting that I start by talking about Caribbean cuisine. T&T is a diverse society, with a large … Continue reading Top 5 Street Foods of Trinidad and Tobago

It’s Carnival, So You Get A Piece of Trinidad To Take With You

In honour of the season that has currently taken over my country, have a bit of Trinidad to go with your evening. Doubles is the most popular breakfast and street food in Trinidad. It is a sort of sandwich, made of two soft, fried pieces of dough called 'bara', and with savoury seasoned chickpeas called 'channa' … Continue reading It’s Carnival, So You Get A Piece of Trinidad To Take With You

Jamrock Revisited!

I've been gone from here for a while because I had to go to Jamaica for a work trip. Yeah, I'm that lucky :-). Better yet, although it was a work trip, with the help of new and awesome Jamaican friends, I was able to see a bit of the island before I had to … Continue reading Jamrock Revisited!