Excerpt: The Nightward – A Boy Dances

It's been a while since I proved I was working. So here is a little bit of my current Work In Progress to keep you warm for the weekend! A burst of applause made her jump, and Viyella realized that her mother had reached the end of her speech.  When the noise died down, the … Continue reading Excerpt: The Nightward – A Boy Dances

In Which We Meet The Heroine & Hero Of Our Tale

A bit from THE NIGHTWARD again, because I just wrote a nice section with Viyella and Dagen and thought you should all be introduced to each other. Most words of the week so far on the one day I really didn't want to do anything. Woot for me! He checked the rest of the balcony swiftly, but … Continue reading In Which We Meet The Heroine & Hero Of Our Tale

Because We Are Awesome

Recently I've been reading some great, eye-opening pieces about women and our astounding contributions to society. Sometimes women and the great things they do have been acknowledged, sometimes not, but always, we have been here. Here is a really great piece by Kameron Hurley about how women have always been a living, breathing part of history, whether … Continue reading Because We Are Awesome

I Got Mentioned in The New Watershed Article by Cheryl Morgan!

I'm so excited. Cheryl Morgan wrote an amazing article about Afrofuturist writers in scifi...and she mentioned me! Sure, I'm 'the newest kid on the Caribbean block', but my interview is on there and everything. And I got mentioned in the same breath as Samuel R. Delaney, Octavia Butler, N.K. Jemisin, Karen Lord and Tobias Buckell. … Continue reading I Got Mentioned in The New Watershed Article by Cheryl Morgan!

LEX TALIONIS is Top Twenty in Holland on the American Book Center’s Staff Recommendation List!

Just realised I'm No. 16 on the list of 43 staff recommended scifi and fantasy books at The American Book Centre in Holland! They carry over 7 million books, so I think being top twenty is something worth celebrating. I also think it matters a lot when bookstore staff likes you. Those are the guys … Continue reading LEX TALIONIS is Top Twenty in Holland on the American Book Center’s Staff Recommendation List!

Review for Shadow Over Avalon.

Taking time out to do a little pimpage for a book I thoroughly enjoyed here–hope you don’t mind.

I had the pleasure of reading this book while it was still in the baby stages. The idea of a retelling of the Arthurian legend, but set in the far future, is not something I’d ever come across before. Better yet, C.N. Lesley came at it from truly unique angles–using a strong female perspective along with Arthur’s POV, an alien culture, Merlin as you never imagined him and a future mankind didn’t see coming.

As the blurb says, this is not the legend that came before–this is what happens next.


A very special birthday present arrived. I am beyond thrilled. Go check it out.


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Excerpt – The Nightward

Here's an excerpt from my new work in progress. It's a fantasy set in a world in which women are the stronger sex (they have 'real' magic), and modeled on a mish-mash of African, Caribbean and Indian culture. Just so you know I haven't been lying when I said I was writing these days! Finally, … Continue reading Excerpt – The Nightward

No Victims Here – Just Writers

There's a conversation going on about trauma and PTSD and writers as survivors of trauma here: http://mykecole.com/blog/2013/03/what-ptsd-is and here: http://susanelizabethcurnow.weebly.com/1/post/2013/03/in-response-to-myke-coles-post-on-ptsd.html and here: http://matociquala.livejournal.com/1120951.html That last one was a while ago, but EBear (or, as she's better known, the Amazing, Award Winning Elizabeth Bear) posted the link in response to the first post by Myke and … Continue reading No Victims Here – Just Writers

7/7 Blog Challenge

Thanks for this, Marlene! The 7/7 blog challenge means I open a current WIP, and post 7 lines beginning with the 7th line on page 7. Or page 77. Then I tag 7 other authors who get their turn. Good times for all. Marlene’s post is here. *Quick plug* Marlene is a wonderful person who … Continue reading 7/7 Blog Challenge

Guardian – New Short Story

So, I have a new story up. This one arose from a writing exercise, although the idea had been in my head for years. I won a prize of a year of short story writing mentorship from an established editor in a contest on my writing forum and the editor's first challenge to me was … Continue reading Guardian – New Short Story