The Best Human Being I Have Ever Known

Eight years ago this month, my grandmother passed away. She was the backbone of my family and an amazing, unapologetic, loving, straight-forward, maddeningly sharp-tongued, soft-hearted, funny, perceptive, hard-working, smart, self-assured, no-nonsense, contradiction of a woman. She was the strongest person I've ever known. Lots of people think their grandmother was the best, but mine really … Continue reading The Best Human Being I Have Ever Known

The Best Thing I Ever Ate

Lawrence M. Schoen--who needs to teach me the Klingon language some day--graciously invited me to partake of his unusual feature, 'Eating Authors', in which various authors recall their most memorable meal. Find out what was my favourite meal ever and why. Just click here. And if you came here because you found me through Dr. … Continue reading The Best Thing I Ever Ate