Another Interview!

Click here to view my Facebook interview with the St. James Public Library of Trinidad and Tobago as part of their initiative to interview and support more local authors via books clubs in libraries around the country. Coronavirus may have put an end to my library tour, but this was one way to keep the … Continue reading Another Interview!

What Everyone Who Loves Books Needs to Know

This is your writer speaking. And what indie writer Ninie Hammon has to say is what EVERY writer--famous our not--would love to say if they weren't worried about coming off as pushy, demanding, ungrateful or off-putting. In today's world, your open and vocal support has become something we cannot do without. Once upon a time, … Continue reading What Everyone Who Loves Books Needs to Know

New Stuff!

Hey! So it's been terribly exciting around here lately. I have a new Facebook page for Lex Talionis which you can find here. I've also updated the blog--as you probably noticed!--and added links to all the places you can find the book. As soon as it's available for pre-order, I'll let you know. I also … Continue reading New Stuff!

And Facebook Buys Up Another One…

Seriously, this frenzy by large tech companies to buy up anyone who has the temerity to be successful without being in thrall to them is getting really annoying.  I love WhatsApp. It's a great, easy to use app that allowed my entire family and me to stay in touch for a fraction of what it … Continue reading And Facebook Buys Up Another One…