A Film Festival And A Dance Battle

Found this great roundup of the recently concluded Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival (ttff).

Great to see the films being appreciated, but even better to hear sound critical advice. Yes, our film-makers need to come from a more critical place, especially when making documentaries. We are presenting positive overviews right now, but I suspect as the industry matures, creators will worry less about offending sensibilities and start doing more to reflect the realities of the Caribbean experience, and start conversations we need to have before we chart our future.

I also came across this amazing dance battle on Twitter yesterday, filmed at the Montreal Swing Riot by Alain Wong. Street dancers faced off against vintage/swing dancers and the results were magical. It’s a bit long, but you won’t regret watching the whole thing.

Keep dancing your cares away, my friends!

So You Think You Can Dance – Alien Robots!

I just had to share this.

Last night I saw what is one of my favourite routines of this cycle of SYTYCD, and probably one of my faves of all time. Virgil and Hailee are definitely two dancers I’m rooting for, but Hailee came in on the Stage team, while Virgil came in on my personal fave, the Street team. Hailee admitted just before the routine that she has training in Hip Hop. Boy does she ever! Check out their amazing alien robot routine below.

And because I can’t just give you one moment of amazing art, here’s a routine called the Hummingbird and the Flower, from season 3, which was just voted one of the all-time greatest routines on the show.

Stay thirsty–and keep dancing–my friends!

Soca Music on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’!


One of the routines on Fox’s dance competition, So You Think You Can Dance–which I am a huge, HUGE fan of as a former dancer myself–actually featured a very popular soca tune that played a lot during Trinidad’s Carnival season.

Although it’s not sung by Trinidadians–who actually invented soca–it’s definitely very familiar to all of us. So as part of my Friday feature (sorry I bugged out on you last week!), enjoy this taste of Caribbean music.

I can’t say the routine was all that great. The show has definitely featured better, including some on this season. Like this one:

And this awesome group routine:

Amazing right? Even if dance isn’t really your thing.

Stay thirsty, my friends!