Trailer Bonanza!

It's trailer day! So here are some fun trailers to get you ready for the rest of the week. First, the one everyone's talking about. NBC's trailer for the new show, Constantine. I did not grow up with the comics, so I rather enjoyed the much maligned movie. But this looks loads better. You've … Continue reading Trailer Bonanza!


Very excited at the moment. My publisher has sent me the first drafts of my debut novel's cover! Seriously, this was my reaction.  Except for a minor issue, it's pretty much what I hoped for. It's not finalised yet, or I would have posted it here. Trust me, the moment I have the word, you … Continue reading Cover!!!

Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About

Is it just me, or has the media imploded? I mean, I see snippets here and there of actual reporting on actual important events--the mall attack in Kenya, Syria, earthquakes, that sort of thing. Frankly, if it bleeds, it still leads. But inevitably, these stories are followed by some nonsense about a Khardashian or Miley … Continue reading Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About

Light At The End of the Tunnel

I'm almost done with my first editing pass! Should put the finishing touches on the manuscript between today and tomorrow. All nervy about it, but I guess that's normal. Just hope the editor likes what I've done and that I've addressed all the problems that are in there. Though it would be insanely awesome if … Continue reading Light At The End of the Tunnel

Off With Her Head!

It's kind of distressing how true this is about the celebrity culture today. The whole time I was reading it, I was thinking what really affects how these women are seen is other women. Men do have opinions and the pop culture machines to back them up, but I think that for most men, … Continue reading Off With Her Head!