The Luckiest Person in the World

It has been one hell of a beginning to 2023! To be fair, I've had a run of unbelievable luck that started last December, when Android Press bought my scifantasy novella, The Unbearable Taste of Fruit and Wine. Then in January, an editor reached out about a slush submission and that has culminated in my … Continue reading The Luckiest Person in the World

A Small Request

Hi everyone. I recently had to start a Go Fund Me to help me pay for the expenses that come with fighting breast cancer while unemployed, and to get some emergency repairs done on my home. As it's just me and my sister, and she's the only one working, we simply didn't have enough. All … Continue reading A Small Request

New Stories and Some Updates

I'm terrible at keeping in touch, I know, but I haven't forgotten you! It just takes a bit to get to the computer these days. First off, I know many of you will be wondering how I did on my two award nominations. I'm 0 for 2, in that respect, but honestly I can't be … Continue reading New Stories and Some Updates

The Dreaded C-Word

So this one has been a long while coming, but honestly, it's just that everything happened so fast. In late September of last year, I noticed a bump on my breast. It was like a pimple but nothing happened when I poked at it. I went to my GP, and then got an ultrasound, and … Continue reading The Dreaded C-Word