I’m Headed to Mars!

http://mars.nasa.gov/participate/send-your-name/orion-first-flight/?action=getcert&e=1&cn=341711 See? Got my boarding pass and everything! For fun, NASA is letting anyone who wants to put their name on the Orion Test Flight to Mars. So you get your name in space, and a little boarding pass memento to prove it. I think it's so cool. Want to join me? Go here. Have fun!

Top 10 Popular Beaches in Trinidad and Tobago

And by popular, I don't mean best. In fact, a couple of these beaches would not be impressive put up against beaches from other parts of the Caribbean. But if you want to see how real Trinbagonians live, and want to experience the beach 'lime' (Trini word for hanging out with friends) with us, these … Continue reading Top 10 Popular Beaches in Trinidad and Tobago

Top 5 Street Foods of Trinidad and Tobago

Today I'm going to start a regular Friday feature that tells you a little about fun things from my daily life. And since food is probably the number one thing West Indians love--especially in Trinidad and Tobago--it's only fitting that I start by talking about Caribbean cuisine. T&T is a diverse society, with a large … Continue reading Top 5 Street Foods of Trinidad and Tobago

LEX TALIONIS at The American Book Center, Holland

You totally have to see this. Yes, this is my book. On an actual bookself. In the Netherlands. For sale and everything. Notice, I am right next to...NEIL GAIMAN!! Guess my last name is one hell of a blessing 😉 Never even thought of that.   In other news, doesn't my book look pretty and … Continue reading LEX TALIONIS at The American Book Center, Holland

It’s Carnival, So You Get A Piece of Trinidad To Take With You

In honour of the season that has currently taken over my country, have a bit of Trinidad to go with your evening. Doubles is the most popular breakfast and street food in Trinidad. It is a sort of sandwich, made of two soft, fried pieces of dough called 'bara', and with savoury seasoned chickpeas called 'channa' … Continue reading It’s Carnival, So You Get A Piece of Trinidad To Take With You

Earworm – This One is for the Road

I'm having a lot of fun posting these so I hope you're having fun listening to them. Today's songs are from our most popular soca artiste by far - Machel Montano. He's performed with international stars such as Pitbull, and he's been doing this a long time. Since he was a child, actually. He's sold … Continue reading Earworm – This One is for the Road

Carnival Vibes

Feeling some Bunji again today so I'm linking to another of his new songs for Carnival 2014. Some people think this will be the Road March this year. For those of you not familiar with the concept, the Road March is the song that plays the most during the parade of the bands on Carnival … Continue reading Carnival Vibes

O Canada!!

I know, I know, I've been gone forrreeevvaaa! But I swear I had a good reason. I was working in the land of maple syrup! It was stressful for about two days, but then it was wonderful! Canada is so different from what I remember of my last visit (which was somewhere around 1989 I … Continue reading O Canada!!

Harrison’s Cave Barbados

Been hopping around the islands so forgive me for not keeping in touch. But at least you can see what I've been up to! I went to the famous Harrison's Cave in Barbados and here's a few pics from that experience. One of the many beautiful cave formations and waterways. The tram we used to … Continue reading Harrison’s Cave Barbados