Skeleton Trees & Bad TV

So in really odd news... A skeleton came rising up out of the ground thanks to a really old tree tipping over. Now, if that isn't a story just waiting to be told, I don't know what is. Violently killed young man given a proper Christian burial ends up nourishing a tree for over 200 … Continue reading Skeleton Trees & Bad TV

Fun With Scammers

Mashable has a hilarious exchange between a scammer and an Englishman called James Veitch. Seems James has been spending two years replying to all those spam emails that come to your inbox asking you to hide the wealth of a Nigerian prince, or purchase their cheap Viagra. I used to have a boss who liked … Continue reading Fun With Scammers

201 And Counting…

I have discovered I now have 200 WordPress followers on my blog! Thank you, thank you. I appreciate the coloured paper. I want to welcome the newbies--and those of you who have been here from the beginning--to the fun house and thank you all for including me in your day. I know I don't usually address … Continue reading 201 And Counting…

The Tree Of 40 Fruits

This is amazing. An artist developed a tree that grows 40 different fruits. The article talks about how he manages to do all this with a technique called chip grafting. And that's not all. He plans to do it to many trees. He's using resources that farmers think people don't want to build something beautiful … Continue reading The Tree Of 40 Fruits

What Kind of Introvert Are You?

There's a new paper out that discusses the possibility that there are really four types of introversion. Not only that, but people can have more than one kind of introversion. Not only is it an interesting take for understanding people, it might be relevant when it comes to building out characters past the cliches. It's something worth … Continue reading What Kind of Introvert Are You?

Reunion Island Must Be Wondering What Gives

Poor little Reunion Island. Before last week, it was a place known mostly to surfers and scientists. Now it's got an international spotlight on it since pieces of a plane that might be MH370 washed up on its beaches. Oh, and its volcano decided to erupt again. That's after sharks made it a new playground … Continue reading Reunion Island Must Be Wondering What Gives

We Live In A Weird And Wonderful Universe

Once again, we've identified a new species of fish that seems to have been created just to give us nightmares. This gorgeous George is apparently a ceratioid anglerfish. That funny looking glow-stick on its head is used to lure fish looking for nightclub to dance the night away into its jaws instead. The diversity of … Continue reading We Live In A Weird And Wonderful Universe

Woman Assaults Police Officer With Her Breast…

...and gets jail time for it. No, I only wish I were kidding. Hong Kong has a lot of issues right now. Most of them having to do with China. But this is so ridiculous it doesn't even make sense it went to court. Frankly, I want to know if her breast can serve the … Continue reading Woman Assaults Police Officer With Her Breast…

Your Office is Freezing. Here’s Why.

So now I know why all my coworkers, girlfriends and my sister keep complaining to me about how cold the office is. I'm assuming this shit is international, because it certainly seems to be. Apparently, the formula used to program thermostats is based on a 40 year old male of a certain size. Because back then, that … Continue reading Your Office is Freezing. Here’s Why.

RIP #hitchBOT

A social experiment that would probably make Skynet nod sagely has just come to an abrupt end. Researchers had created a friendly, helpless robot that managed to hitchhike its way safely across parts of Europe and Canada. Unfortunately, it was destroyed by unknown assailants once it tried to continue the experiment in the US.  The creators … Continue reading RIP #hitchBOT