Sale! Sale! Sale!

Happy New Year and I hope you all had a great holiday season.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter or Mastodon already know this, but it was a crazy past couple of weeks so I’m only now getting around to this blog.

I’ve sold my fantasy novella, The Unbearable Taste of Fruit and Wine, to Android Press for publication in either 2023 or 2024!

I wrote it last year, just before my cancer diagnosis and it swiftly became a favourite of my beta readers.

“Iris has chafed at a life spent in the service of the Archmagus, the man who rescued her as a child and the only father she has ever known. But when she meets a charming thief while carrying out one of the Archmagus’ many searches for magikal artefacts, she realises it will not be enough for her to simply escape the Citadel and her acerbic adopted family of the Aello, its winged guardians. The Archmagus has lied to her about her past, and the truth she finds will lead her to make a choice. Stay on the path she’d imagined for herself as an unwilling member of a family of monsters–or follow the consequences of her unbearable truth to the unexpected.

Loosely inspired by Greek mythology, ‘The Unbearable Taste of Fruit and Wine’ is a secondary world polyamorous retelling in the vein of Jennifer Saint’s ARIADNE and Madeline Miller’s CIRCE, and the first book in a planned series of novellas about a world that sits at the nexus of Gods and monsters, science and magic. In the aftermath of a war that decimated the “First Gods”, the remnants of humanity try to pick up the pieces. But when conflict arises again, a found family of monsters, demi-gods, scientists and magicians will come together to try to save what they love and bring a new magic to their dying world.”

I can’t wait for you all to meet Iris, Meri and Ash and the post-apocalyptic magikal world they live in.

There may be even bigger news coming down the pipe soon, so watch this space!

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