New Stories and Some Updates

I’m terrible at keeping in touch, I know, but I haven’t forgotten you! It just takes a bit to get to the computer these days.

First off, I know many of you will be wondering how I did on my two award nominations. I’m 0 for 2, in that respect, but honestly I can’t be disappointed because it really was such an honour being nominated. I get an AWESOME finalist medal from the IGYNTE’s (will be posting pics as soon as it arrives), AND I got to lose the Sturgeon to a friend and icon, Nalo Hopkinson. Not only is she an SFWA Grandmaster, she’s now the first West Indian to win the coveted award. Congratulations on a long overdue win to an incredibly deserving person!

I have finished my chemo treatment! All things considered, I breezed through with only a slight problem here and there. Now I’m getting scans to see how it worked (things look good so far), and prepping for several preventative surgeries. It’s been a hard, expensive road, and I think I’ll soon need help financially, but for now, my sister has been keeping us above water all on her own, and I can’t express enough how grateful I am for her love, humour, and unflagging support. She does everything for me, and is my best friend, and I’m so happy to still be here with her.

I have also had several new stories come out, so check out the links in the publication section of my blog, or click on them here.

If you’re looking for a great scifi anthology, check out Bridge to Elsewhere. For those of you eager for more of the world of Lex Talionis, my first story in that world since my debut is in this! How To Win Friends And Influence Rebellion takes place between Lex and the sequel, and stars a couple of important characters you’ll recognize, and new ones I hope you’ll come to love. I can’t give you a date for the sequel yet, but I am working on it!

If horror is your thing, the stunning anthology Death in The Mouth: Original Horror by People of Colour, contains my story, A Bonfire In The Night, which has a young girl with a terrible problem, and my own version of a jumbie.

Finally, if you like free reads and Caribbean based scifi, check out my very short story, 12 Things A Trini Should Know Before Travelling To A Back In Times Fete (TM), out now in Strange Horizons, issue October 10 2022. Trinbagonians, this one is for you, as you can tell from the title!

That’s it for now, but I’ll be back soon. More things are coming down the pipes and with luck, you’ll enjoy them all!

Until I see you again, stay thirsty, my friends!


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