The Locus Awards, Clarkesworld, SFWA Bundle and More

I hope you’ll forgive me for not updating regularly. I wasn’t feeling up to it after my surgery. But I’m doing great, and now I have a ton of good news to share!

In January, Clarkesworld published the third in my series of novellas set in an explicitly Trinidadian futureverse that I call Kairi/Grandmaster. ‘Bishop’s Opening’ is whole new cast than the first two stories. It features a space crew throuple in search of good doubles and roti on an unusual space station, who accidentally get caught up in an assassination plot. It’s about food, feels and found family.

You can read the story here.

On Feb 1, Clarkesworld Magazine announced the finalists for their yearly Readers Poll, and the second novella in my series, “Philia, Eros, Storge, Agápe, Pragma’ is a finalist for favourite story of 2021! You have until Feb 15 to vote for your favourite story and cover, and I’d love if you’d consider voting for me.

You can find out more, including the link to the stories and covers, and the final poll, here.

The Locus Recommended Reading List, which is essentially the long list for the Locus Awards, was released on the same day, and Philia was included in the Best Novella category! ‘The Best of World SF: Volume 1’ also made the Best Anthology category, and the first story of my Kairi/Grandmaster universe, ‘The Sun From Both Sides’ is in it.

I would love if you’d consider voting for both these works on the Locus Poll and Survey. Click here to get your personal voting link. You have until April 15 to submit your ballot.

The Hugos and Nebulas are also open for nominations, so if you’re voting, keep in mind that Philia is eligible for all awards, including those.

Finally, today the new SFWA Scoundrels Bundle launched, and Lex Talionis is included in it! For the low price of $5 you can get FOUR amazing scifi books featuring rouges and scoundrels. But if you pay $20, you get TWELVE books, including my award-winning debut. The authors and novels are all stellar, and this particular group will never be available again. So click here and get your bundle before Feb 24!

Thanks for reading and stay safe and healthy out there.

And to all who celebrate, Happy Lunar New Year!

Happy New Year Celebration GIF by Alba Paris

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