Two New Stories On The Way!

Had an amazing thing happen this past weekend.

On Saturday, I sold a dark fantasy story to the new Death in The Mouth horror anthology. ‘A Bonfire In The Night’ is about a girl who can’t quite get rid of a jumbie.

And then on Sunday, I sold a novella, ‘Bishops Opening’ to the prestigious Clarkesworld Magazine! This is my fourth sale to them, and my 3rd story in my Kairi/Grandmaster Universe, which is specifically about Trini and West Indian descendants in space.

I’ve never sold two things in two days before. Heck, I have only sold two things in one YEAR once before, and now I’ve sold 4 originals and one reprint story this year so far. Pushing through to write during this pandemic has been hard, but it has paid dividends.

I’m incredibly happy and pleased and can’t wait for you all to see my stories online and in print.

Watch this space for further details!

And until then, get vaccinated, stay safe and wear your damn mask!

Stay Positive All In This Together GIF by INTO ACTION

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