When it Rains, it Pours…Bumper Edition!

Yes, I’m a week late. Blame it on exhaustion lol. It’s hell-hot here in the Caribbean these past couple of months, and getting up the energy to do anything is TOUGH. But I have much good news to share!

My story, FIRE IN HIS EYES, BLOOD ON THIS TEETH, which was first published in the DEVIL’S WAYS anthology edited by Anna Kashina, and produced by Dragonwell Publishing, will be appearing in PodCastle! I’m delighted I will have an audio version of this story, and this is my first sale to this wonderful market. It’s also my first sale for 2021 that wasn’t signed off on last year.

I have a drabble coming out in the new collection PROFESSOR CHARLATAN BARDOT’S TRAVEL ANTHOLOGY, which should drop on November 2nd. This one was a long journey, despite the briefness of the story, LOPINOT PLANTATION, which is told from the viewpoint of the soucouyant said to haunt the very real Lopinot Estate in Trinidad. One of the key persons producing the novel passed away from Covid last year, which delayed the release to this year. But some really amazing people are in this, including Clara Madrigano (“Into the River”), Lisa Morton (“The Gulch”), Eugenia Triantafyllou (“Fish Tale”) and Tlotlo Tsamaase (“The Biophilic-Designed Haunting”). I’m truly honoured to be a teeny, tiny part of such a fantastic anthology.

I have another project which will be announced soon and that one is REALLY fun because it includes a brand new story I wrote in the same universe as my novel, LEX TALIONIS! The story takes place a few years after the events of the novel and includes new characters. So to the wonderful readers who reached out to me after my latest BookBub campaign, YES, there is a sequel and until it’s finished–if this new project funds–this is my apology for taking so long, and I hope this story can tide you over a little.

However, the really BIG news for me is that I will be a featured author at the upcoming 39th West Indian Literature Conference held by the Cave Hill, Barbados campus of the University of the West Indies! This prestigious event is one I never dreamed of being invited to participate in, but I’m so delighted to be taking part this year, especially alongside Tobias S. Buckell, who has been an inspiration and colleague to me for years, and who has done so much good work helping authors, and shining a spotlight on the Caribbean writing community.

It gave me great joy to learn that there is a Science Fiction programme at Cave Hill and that works by black women authors in particular are being taught there…including mine! This is valuable work that I hope leads to many more authors coming into the field of speculative fiction as it begins to open up.

Registration is required, but the Conference is virtual this year and the public is invited, so I do hope to see you there. My event is scheduled for October 30th at 10:00am.

I will have more good news as the month goes on, so stay thirsty, my friends, and see you on the other side!!


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