(See what I did there…:)

It’s that time of year again! FIYAHCON and the IGNYTE Awards are back!

FIYAHCON begins with a welcome THIS Thursday 16 September, 2021, and then kicks off for real the next day, Friday.

One of the best new conventions around, it was established by, and for, BIPOC artists and their audiences. Programming is 24 / 7 this weekend so all timezones have a chance to join in the fun, and is both diverse and inclusive, with something for everyone.

Along with FIYAHCON, there’s BONFIYAH, which is free. With its own wonderful panels, this concurrent supporting convention is the up-all-night version of FIYAHCON.

If you’re attending, look out for me! I’ll be appearing on the Strategies on Publicizing Your Book panel on Saturday 18 September, 2021, at 1pm EST.

I’ll also be participating in FIYAHCON’s fun gameshow for writers, Em-Dash. Come watch writers make up stories with nothing but a few word prompts and 10 minutes of furious typing. The results are both hilarious and awesome! You can catch me embarrassing myself for an hour from 8:00pm EST on Sunday 19 September, 2021.

And watch this space for more announcements and appearances to come. September and October are going to be lit!

Until then, as always, stay thirsty, my friends!

(Get vaccinated and WEAR YOUR FREAKING MASK!)

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