The Em-Dash Game and FIYAHCON

Sunday 4 April, 2021 was the day I ventured out of my shell a little to participate in an event that sounded so fun, even my fear of public appearances couldn’t stop me from trying it out.

FIYAH Magazine had one of the most fun scifi conventions and awards last year, and one of best parts was a great game that was like the popular Food Network show, ‘Chopped’, but for writers. Words are selected by the audience and host and the players have a limited amount of time to craft a complete story using them.

A last minute addition, I was expecting tough competition, and it sure as hell was! Every writer came with it and the stories were mysterious, horrific and funny by turns. When the dust settled, I was shocked to find that I’d won!

The next round will be happening soon, and when I have a date, I’ll make an announcement. Until then, you can watch the entire thing here.

And please support this year’s FIYAHCON. It’s a great convention, headed by a fantastic magazine for black speculative fiction and fun will be had by all! To find out more and purchase tickets, go here.

See you then, and watch this space for more announcements.

Now excuse me as I take my victory lap while I still can lol.

dance dancing GIF by Shay Mitchell

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