‘The Sun From Both Sides’ Has Two New Homes!

Hi Guys! It’s been a while, but everything’s sort of in suspension mode as I wait to see how the US election and Covid-19 shakes out. I’m mostly at home and masked when out, and hoping you’re doing the same.

In good news, Part 1 of my novelette, “The Sun From Both Sides”, has now been posted on Escapepod! Two more parts will be uploaded in the next two weeks. Take a listen, or read, today and remember to come back for the wild ride that follows!

The story was first published last year in Clarkesworld, and this is its first reprint sale. I’m very excited to be in my second pro market, and to have another beautiful podcast to reach out to new listeners.

TSFBS already has its second reprint sale though. It will be part of the anthology “The Best of World SF”, forthcoming from Head of Zeus and award-winning editor Lavie Tidhar next year. This is my first sale to a UK market and it means a lot to this Commonwealth girl!

In other news, the sequel for TSFBS is already out on submission, so cross your fingers that you get to see more of Eva, Didecus and Sister soon!

Thanks for stopping by and remember to stay safe and masked, my friends!

Corona Stay Home GIF by INTO ACTION

3 thoughts on “‘The Sun From Both Sides’ Has Two New Homes!

  1. I love this story.
    I have just started listening to it on Escapepod and after a short while realised I knew it but couldn’t figure out where from.
    A little duckducking and Clarke’s world is where.
    Good stuff, and good luck with the sequel, I would love to be able to read or hear the further adventures.

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