Thank You!

The sale on LEX TALIONIS has been a roaring success, and that’s entirely due to you, dear reader!

Over the last weekend, LEX TALIONIS was an Amazon bestseller in the US, Canada and Australia — and climbed the rankings into the top 10 in the UK as well — in both the broad science fiction category, and sub-categories like Space Opera and Science Fiction Adventure. A week later, I’m no longer in the top 100 of the entire US Kindle store, but I’m still in the top 100 of Space Opera and Science Fiction Adventure categories in Canada and Australia, and charting in the US sub-categories.

In other words, this Trini scifi author became an Amazon bestselling author! I think I’m the first to do so, and I’m thrilled!

The best part of this is I’ve had new reviews and ratings on both Goodreads and Amazon. This is so important for writers in spreading the word and keeping the momentum going, so they can justify writing more books in a series. I’ve been delayed on producing the sequel for some time, but it’s been incredibly encouraging to have readers reach out to me both here and on Goodreads to let me know how much they loved Shalon’s story.

I’m working on the sequel and hope to finish it this year, so to answer the most common question I’ve been asked, yes, there will be more books! So hang in there, readers. I’ve got you!

In the meantime, you can check out the links under Publications on my website for more of my stories. Added plus–most of them are free to read on sites like Clarkesworld Magazine, including my Locus recommended novelette, The Sun from Both Sides. I also highly recommend the anthologies that have published my stories, especially Devil’s Ways, a new anthology from my publisher Dragonwell Publishing with a new story from me, Fire in His Eyes, Blood on His Teeth. And please note, the sale on Lex is still going, so feel free to pass the word.

Have a great weekend and many happy readings!

Before I go, a little memento, so we never forget the awesome power of readers and stories…




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