It’s Official! Or, This Post Has a Lot of Exclamation Points!

The results for Clarkesworld’s Readers’ Poll were released on March 1st and the winner for favourite story of 2019 was….

A.T. Greenblatt’s beautiful ‘Give the Family My Love’!

This was entirely foreseeable as the same story has been nominated for a Nebula for Best Short Story.

Congrats to A.T. and Clarkesworld!

Second place went to ‘Such Thoughts are Unproductive’ by Rebecca Campbell and third place went to…


That’s right, ‘The Sun from Both Sides’ finished third and I’m pleased as punch!

For the full results, including the best cover of 2019 (I’ll give you a hint, it was from the same issue as my story!), you can go here.

Thank you to all who voted in the poll, and everyone who cast a vote for my story. And huge congrats to A.T. and Rebecca! Award season has only just begun and I suspect this won’t be their last time in winners row!

I’ll have some more good news to announce soon, so keep watching this space. Until then, stay thirsty, my friends, and enjoy this awesome gif of me celebrating with one of my biggest fans 😉

sesame street GIF


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