Clarkesworld Readers’ Poll 2018

It’s been a banner year for me already, and it couldn’t happen at a better time, given I’m still hunting for a full time job.

So far, I’ve had three acceptances, signed two contracts, and I’ve just learned I’m a finalist in the Clarkesworld Readers’ Poll for favourite story of 2018 for my short, The Anchorite Wakes.

That last one’s really special to me. I’ve been lucky enough to have fans reach out to me to tell me what my work has meant to them, and that never gets old, let me tell you. But to be regarded as one of the favourite stories in a magazine with so many stunning, award-worthy works, by authors I admire and am flattered to be among–I’ve never had that before. There’s nothing like knowing you wrote something and it was seen. Really seen.

Readers now have until February 20th to vote for their favourite story and cover for 2018. I’d be delighted if you voted for mine, but I encourage you to read the stories–which are available for free–and peruse the cover art, then follow your heart and vote for what you loved. Voting will take a couple of minutes as there are only two questions, but you will be asked to rank the selections, so looking them over before hand will be helpful.

You can find the links to the stories, covers and voting here. Results will be announced in March.

I have some other good news that I can’t share yet, so please watch this space for further announcements.

And to everyone who’s reading this, everyone who follows me, reads my work, buys my stuff, and voted for me in the poll, please know how much I appreciate you. You are the best, and you’re the reason I keep doing what I do.

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