The Music Industry Needs A Black Box…So Does Publishing

Hey, the music industry operates a lot like the Big Six.

A really thoughtful article about the state of the music industry now, and the changes needed to grow it. Chief among them–transparency. Particularly about who pays who for what, and how much.

Sounds like the very thing authors–new and old–have been asking for from the publishing industry. Hence sites by self-published authors and blogs by other writers who try to breakdown payments to give new writers an idea of what to expect. Still, like the music industry, it’s big picture info we really need.

It’s time to admit that it’s probably not for the sake of authors that the publishing industry–just like the music industry–holds on to this culture of secrecy regarding how much authors are paid. Sure you have to respect contracts and obviously Stephen King doesn’t need me up in his business.

Disgust reaction gifs

But I can find out how much an entry level job at Google pays, and I can’t find out how much the average author at the Big Six made last year. Which probably leads to both unrealistic expectations and the ability to underpay deserving writers in some circumstances, if you ask me.

And it makes for some pretty low cheques in the music industry, apparently.

Oh well…not my circus, not my monkeys, right?


Disgust reaction gifs

Enjoy the weekend and remember to have one on me!

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