Meme Explosion: Doctor Who

I always want to put a question mark at the end of that, like, Doctor Who? Yeah, yeah, it’s just ‘The Doctor’ but you know, grammar and all that…

I have to be honest. The show’s not what it used to be. But I guess I’m a Whovian who became a Renewvian, and there were some good times…really good times…

Here’s hoping the new season can reignite the passion that leads to memes like these.

Doctor Who - Keep Calm 8x10 Poster Prints

Jack...Rose...Mickey...The Doctor.........I MISS THEM SO FREAKING MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, Ten...

Rory and Amy Pond.

Dr Who: stars much of my beloved Harry Potter cast.

Doctor Who quote battle. Hilarious. Also, I've had these battles. With supernatural quotes, I will not be defeated

The Doctor


Stay thirsty, my friends!

3 thoughts on “Meme Explosion: Doctor Who

    1. Oh I agree with you. I found myself falling in love with every doctor after a period of mourning for the last but this is the first time I spent an entire season unmoved. I think the chemistry between him and Clara is off quite frankly. She seems to have been made for 11 not 12.

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