Meme Explosion: Cures For A Bad Day

If you’re done with looking at all the cool pictures of Pluto that NASA keeps showering us with, you can have some fun with a few of my favourite memes from my Pinterest Funnies page. And a couple of really cute ones from my Cute Animals page.

Because if you’re having a bad day, it’s my duty to make you laugh, make you awww over a cute baby and help you keep the universe in perspective!

hahaha lol that was funny.



Whale, whale, whale. I've pinned this before… but seriously… every single time I see this, I laugh. hahaha.

Yup it gets in the way.

Productive day? Almost everyday...haha..

When my Internet is down…

How the platypus was created - iM DYING

K-9 humor. Love a dog in uniform

Bird Shaming.

Hmmmm who to send this to???:) its definitely not weird that this is on our board...right?!? ;)

funny dog pictures with captions | Baby to puppy they make you poop outside Funny dog photo with captions

Nap time?! Wake up!

Love this... and what beautiful German shepherds. funny-stuff


Omg. How sweet


Top Animal Memes (25 Pics)

Keep calm and watch the flyby images 😉

Until next time, stay thirsty, my friends!

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