Sushi-Burritos Taste Amazing!

You’ve never heard of them? Well allow me to introduce you to them.

I just had one of these last month, while I was out with my sister at one of our new favourite restaurants, Samurai. So I can tell you it’s definitely available outside of California and New York.

Also, they’re right. It’s helladelicious. One of the best things I ever put in my mouth.

Here’s a pic of the one I ate, which I tweeted. And some other stuff we had that day.

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Ummm…those shrimp were tasty. And in the background, that’s a watermelon Smirnoff. Had no idea it came in that flavour. Definitely an improvement over the acidic original flavours.

And now I’m hungry.

Off to eat!

Stay thirsty (and hungry!) my friends 😉

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