In memory: Sir Terry Pratchett

A very good friend wrote a beautiful piece on Terry Pratchett and what he meant to her. That final line…so say we all…

Rest in Peace and Eternal Memory, Terry.

Anna Kashina


In the past year and a half, I lost too many loved ones. Today’s news of the very untimely death of Sir Terry Pratchett, one of my all-time favorite authors, made me re-live those losses and cry for a person I barely knew. Or, did I?

My first introduction to Sir Terry’s works was nearly accidental. Back in late nineties, I — at the time an aspiring fantasy author — decided to attend an author’s event at Vroman’s bookstore in Pasadena, to see a bestselling author with my own eyes. Terry Pratchett.

Waiting for his appearance, I picked up one of his books from a stand, attracted by the promise of witches and elves. I opened it on a random page near the beginning and read one phrase: “You could bounce rocks off her pride.” Those of you familiar with Sir Terry’s Discworld series may recognize the description of young…

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2 thoughts on “In memory: Sir Terry Pratchett

  1. I didn’t read his books as often as I’d like. But I enjoyed what I read and my sister is a big fan. I’d definitely recommend him. His early works were his funniest to me but they were all great books.

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