Author Interview – R.S.A. Garcia

Oh, looky here! A very INTERESTING PERSON has new review up on Rachel Carrera’s blog.

If you want to learn the secrets of the universe, feel free to read it.

If you just want to live a boring life with no love or prospects, you can certainly choose not to read it.

But I’d recommend you do the opposite. For your sake, of course.

*Whistles with her hands in her pockets while rocking back and forth on her heels.*

Rachel Carrera, Novelist

I recently posted a Call to Writers, asking those of you who write to allow me to interview you for a guest spot in my blog.  I was astounded by the response (and if any of you still want to participate, please contact me for details). I asked thirty-five questions and gave the interviewee the freedom to answer only what they wanted.  My friend and fellow-blogger, R.S.A. Garcia, had some very clever responses which I’m sure you will find as humorous as I did.  When you’re done reading the interview, please go on over to her blog and make sure you follow her for more charming stories.  And now, I present for your pleasure, R.S.A. Garcia…



1. Please tell us your name (or pen name) and a little bit about yourself:

I’m R.S.A. Garcia and I have journeyed across an ocean of stars to reach you. For some…

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