It’s Just Business – Hachette and Amazon

This is a pretty balanced take on all sides of the dispute. Particularly liked hearing from an Amazon writer who is happy with his publisher.

For me, this is very simple. Both sides in this are capable of carrying out some pretty crappy moves. Both sides, on occasion, have done just that.

That’s how businesses work. They may have opinions and feelings according to the US Supreme Court, but that doesn’t make them devils or saviours. It’s makes them businesses and businesses watch out for their bottom line. Does Amazon have a right to do what it thinks it needs to grow its business? Of course it does. But if you accept that, then you have to accept Hachette has the same rights.

Authors are much better off if they realise that Amazon and other publishers are businesses they might work with some day, and only a fool puts all his eggs in one basket.

O rly really you dont say reaction gifs

Live Long and Prosper, my friends!

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