Making The Future: Guest Post and Sale Announcement

I have an article up on my publisher’s blog that talks about my book, and a big problem we have today that I hope we start working on for a better future. Also, LEX TALIONIS is only $2.99 right now on Kindle, so if you were waiting to pick up a copy, now would be a great time.

Dragonwell Publishing Blog

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‘Lex Talionis’, or the law of revenge for the purposes of the book, begins with two people. A wounded soldier, trying to escape death from an unseen enemy while trapped alone on a ship in deep space, and a badly battered young girl who wakes in a spaceport hospital with no memory. The solider is trying to stay alive, but the girl has already died. It takes a mute alien no one has ever seen before to bring her back.

Clearly, these two people are connected. And it’s the nature of their connection that drives the central question of ‘Lex Talionis’. Who is this girl? Who killed her and why? What is the soldier’s part in all this?

Why does one young girl with no name matter?

Every woman on this planet lives with the daily fear of assault. Globally, the World Health Organisation reports that 35% of women worldwide…

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