E-book piracy: What to do if you find your book available for sale or a free download without your permission

This is important information for how to deal with the common problem of ebook piracy, straight from a small press. Hope it helps someone out there. Better yet, hope you never have to use it.

Dragonwell Publishing Blog

During the recent months, we are finding an increasing number of sites that pirate e-books and either sell them cheap or list them for free without an author’s permission. Many of these sites are located overseas. Some operate as on-line bookstores, others claim no responsibility for the files shared through their web site, but the bottom line is still the same. These sites infringe copyrights. Sadly, they more often target indie authors and small presses, driven by misguided sense that they would be less likely to fight back. This makes the problem even worse.

Here is what to do if you find your book illegally available on line:

1. Go to Whois directory (http://whois.net/) and look up the web site listing your pirated title. There will be several e-mail addresses listed there for registrant, abuse, etc. Copy all of them.
2. Look at the “contact us page” of the piracy…

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