Radio Interview with Ujima Radio about LEX TALIONIS

So here’s the link I promised of my first radio interview with Cheryl Morgan of Ujima Radio, Bristol, UK.

There was a technical hitch at the beginning, so the recording starts again after only a few minutes, but it’s smooth sailing after that. There are a few ads to wade through though.

I was the first part of the show, but the second interview with comics writer, Leah Moore, daughter of the famous Alan Moore, was really good too. Loved her take on parenting. And what Paulette says at the end about the West Indies is very true.

(And yes, we prefer to be referred to as the West Indies when we’re from certain countries like Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago. Avoids confusion with the rest of the Caribbean, such as the British or US Virgin Islands, or the coastlines of Latin America.)

I think I didn’t sound too bad. I was nervous and worried that would come out in my voice, but I made myself listen to it and I’m glad I did. It’s weird to hear your own voice played back to you though. I sound nothing like I sound in my own head. Isn’t that strange how that’s always the case? I mean, I know why that happens, but it’s still strange to experience it.

That wasn’t the full interview. The full interview will be up on a podcast sometime next week, so I’ll post that when it goes up. But for now, you can hear me ramble on a bit about my country and my influences. I talk more about my book, LEX TALIONIS, in the full interview.

Let me know if you enjoyed it! I certainly did. Felt like a celebrity for a couple of hours. Even if the truth is no one knows who the heck I am or would give a whit if they did lol.

Not giving a fuck reaction gifs

Stay thirsty my friends!

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