Can’t Get You Out Of My Head…

There’s this comeback a Trinidadian comedian left on her Twitter recently and I can’t stop laughing at it in my mind.

She was having a Twitter war with another Trinidadian celebrity, and a Twitter follower commented on it, admonishing her and telling her to basically act like a lady.

Wrong move. The comedian destroyed her. To paraphrase (if I remember correctly):

‘Who the hell appointed you the twitter police?’ she tweeted. ‘Look nah, Gandalf, this ain’t your quest!’

Laughing reaction gifs

I also can’t get this song, or the incredible video, out of my mind. I’ve long been a fan of Maddie from Dance Moms because despite all the bullshit on that show, the dancing is amazing, and Maddie is one of best young dancers I’ve ever seen. Full disclosure–I used to dance in my youth, and still adore the art-form. I’ve stopped watching the show recently because I felt that there was a lot of hating going on and the kids were trapped in the middle of it, and it just wasn’t fun anymore.

This video just proves what a star she is, regardless of what other nonsense the people on the show get up to. I know the world has probably seen it, but just in case you haven’t…enjoy!

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