LEX TALIONIS – Today I Interviewed One of My Characters!

Welcome back from the weekend! I hope you had a good one. I certainly did. I saw Godzilla on Saturday and X-Men on Sunday and I feel fine!

While I was gone, a friend of mine posted an interview with one of my main characters on her website. So if you want to have a little fun with Lex today, you can read my guest blog.

A Twitter friend actually bought my book, read it, and had this to say about it. Which was awesome not only because he totally got the book, but he said such great things when he didn’t have to. He’s really well read in the genre, so I feel extra special that he liked it.

My newest review on Amazon was awesome too. This time from someone I ran into at my writing group online. It’s amazing how just striking up a conversation with a person can lead to friendship and a sale months later. It took me a few minutes to figure out who it was, but I’m pretty sure I know now!

(::Hint:: she comes by this blog a lot!)

So you can check out the review by Tropical Gal on Amazon if you need more convincing. 

If you don’t need convincing…well, what are you waiting for :-)?

Nailed it amazed excited reaction gifs

Stay thirsty, my friends!


4 thoughts on “LEX TALIONIS – Today I Interviewed One of My Characters!

  1. Well picked! Not my most articulate review, but in my defence it’s hard to review eloquently when you are busy being a drooling fangirl. I will pull myself together and write something more erudite for Goodreads.

    1. Ha! I tell you I wracked my brains for at least five minutes lol. Thanks so much and I look forward to the Goodreads review! ::HUGS:: *Tries to imagine Caroline as a drooling fangirl and fails*

  2. I am slowcooking a review myself. Wonderful book, Rhonda. I was so stoked to read the whole thing in finished format from start to finish — totally gobbled it up (and now of course want more… can’t wait for a sequel!). And can’t tell you how neat it was to see a mention in the acknowledgements, thinking about back when I was devouring chapters on the OWW and probably not giving much useful feedback other than OMG I LOVE THIS STORY!

    1. Hi girl! So glad to hear from you and realise that you got to read it 🙂 Thanks for the compliments. And of course I had to put you in the acknowledgements. Readers like you kept me from giving up even as the need for improvement made me doubt myself. ::HUGS:: The sequel is in the works, but I have to work really hard to keep going on it these days. Been tired and distracted lately.

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