Italy: Summary 2

My friend Marlene is in Italy right now. Can you say, jealous?

I just had to let you guys see the pics too. I hope I can visit these places some day. But in the meantime, my lovely friend can show you around!

Marlene Dotterer

Now, where were we? Oh yeah, in Florence. You need more pictures:

IMG_3017 View of the river in Florence

IMG_2987 Typical street in tourist section

Copy of "David" Copy of “David”

From Florence, we drove to Siena, where the medieval horse race, Palio, is held twice a year in this plaza:


There’s also a large remnant of the original city walls and castle. Rick and I took a short walk there during a break after we first arrived. They still use it, too. There’s a restaurant/nightclub there, and they also have concerts in the amphitheater. That’s where Rick is sitting.



Siena was one of the prettiest towns we visited. Here’s a view from the castle wall:


The next day we headed to Rome, with a lunch stop in Pienza. It’s also a pretty town, but all we saw was the main tourist street. That was impressive for the fact that it was part of the…

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