Amazing Things That Happened Since We Last Talked

Science has ticked another scifi concept off its list. Yeah, rail guns have been around a while, but now they’re going to test them out as a weapon for the US Navy. 

No, it doesn’t look as cool as the one in ‘Eraser’ did, but hey, a rail gun is a rail gun, you ingrate. Put that together with the teleportation we’re trying to perfect and we’ll be ready to invade Mars any day now.

And then there’s this development about growing organs from mature stem cells that has made me rue the day I decided to trunk my stem cell story.

I could have been regarded as a visionary back when George the Second was laying down the law for American scientists and making them play with only a couple dozen stem cell lines. *Shakes fist at the sky*

Too bad I was some years away from selling my first story then. I’m sure a short about androids running an underground railroad to hide the inventor of immortality (courtesy of stem cells), so that humans would learn to appreciate death would have just rocked the world.

Some day I’ll post it so you can have some amusement while waiting for ‘How I Met Your Dad’ to begin filming.

In any case, I find that stem cell development right in line with what I was expecting from the science, if researchers found their theories to be correct. The idea that you could replace your own organs eventually–there are no words for how much death and devastation could be avoided. And to think–no more waiting for someone to die so you can get a new heart. Here’s hoping the technology continues to be be successful.

And finally, the most amazing thing of all.

Game of Thrones premiered Sunday night! There were thousands of tweets, hordes of loyal watchers and series high ratings–and that was just at my house!

Seriously, I have never been so worked up for a season. My little cousin has started watching the series on HBO On Demand at my house, so for the first time, I had a chance to re-watch the first season and part of the second season. I plan to watch everything over with him, so that he can join in during this fourth season.

I understand completely now why superfans re-watch previous seasons before the new season starts. There was so much fore-shadowing in season one–in the first episode!–that it was amazing to realise they told you who was important and hinted at what was going to happen ages ago. Sure, it’s easy to do this when you know exactly where you’re going, but you have to give props to the writers for cutting down those massive books to such elegant and deftly circular storylines. I’m even more impressed with the series now than I was before.

And wow! Talk about hitting the ground running! Usually they take a few episodes to get back up to speed, but not this season. I guess that’s what happens when you are just halfway through a book. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s up with Bran and Stannis, but in the meantime, thanks a mil for letting me have some Dany right up front.

And no, I haven’t read the books yet. But my sister got a great deal on the entire series so far–5.99 for all the ebooks!–so I will be starting them soon. Just don’t want to get ahead of the series and turn into a jaded superfan. Yeah, it’s cool to be able to say, ‘the books are better’, or ‘just you wait until…’, but it’s even cooler to get to see it for the first time–and know you can READ it after!

I have to say, reading after seeing the movie is better. You won’t be disappointed, and it will be like the first time all over again. And who doesn’t want that?

Anyway, I’m off to do some writing. In the meantime, enjoy my favourite shot of the entire episode. Naturally!

Burn, Lannisters, burn!! (I hope!)

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