You Probably Haven’t Seen These Trailers

But you should have.

So I’m bringing them right to you.

First up, another book I haven’t read made into a movie that looks fairly interesting.  Dystopian? Post-apocalyptic? Both? Who cares, I’m in!

Next, we have something that looks like a mash up of Chronicle, The Goonies and ET. We may have seen this before. Yet–I find myself drawn to the kids and that cute as hell creature. Skip if you hate Spielberg, but me, I loved me some Goonies.

Those two were just to build up to this one. Seriously, this is YA the way I want to read and see it. I have heard of Maze Runner, but never read it. This trailer has convinced me to pony up my money at the cinema.

And now for one you weren’t expecting.

Yeah. I know. I’m SO watching that.

Whether or not I figure out what it’s about.

And finally, here’s one for the grown ups. Seriously. This is a red-band trailer. Boy is it ever.

But it’s James McAvoy losing his cool and way too much weird stuff to describe.

And after that, all I could do was:

Omg reaction gifs

Yes, Dorothy. We are not in Kansas anymore.

Go forth and stay thirsty my friends.

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